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Apply for a Certificate of Conduct

For DI & PTI exams

We require a valid Certificate of Conduct (VOG-verklaring) for several exams. One that's less than 6 months old when you take it.

Do you need a current CoC/VOG? Don't worry. You can apply easily online via Justis using your DigiD.

Please note:

  • You can only pay for the application (€33.85) via iDeal. This means you'll need to have a Dutch bank account. Follow the link to check all supported banks. Check which banks support iDeal 

  • Do you have questions about the exact date for that 6-month cut-off point? Please contact support via this form as this may differ per category or exam.

  • The online application form is only available in Dutch. For your convenience, we've added an unofficial translation of the instructions. No rights can be derived from this translation.

  • If you haven't received your DigiD (yet) and you're not registered in the Municipal Person Record database (BRP), you can apply via Justis by following these instructions

Step-by-step guide CoC application

Follow these steps to apply for a CoC for your DI or PTI exams.

Please note:

  • Be mindful of entering the right info at step 5. IBKI is not responsible for an incorrect application.

Step 1

Go to My Justis.

Step 2

Now select: Ik ben een burger (I am a citizen).

Step 3

Next, select: Nee, ik heb geen code ontvangen (No, I didn't receive a code).

Step 4

Log in with your DigiD.

Step 5

On the next page, you will be asked to fill in a fixed screening profile of an organization.

Copy the following data:

Werkgever/organisatie (employer/organization):

IBKI/Stichting VAM

In case of DI

Vast profiel (fixed profile):

Rijinstructeur WRM

In case of PTI

Vast profiel (fixed profile):

Keurmeester APK

Step 6

Pay with iDeal.

Step 7

After processing your application, Justis will send the Coc/VOG to your home address.

Step 8

In case of DI

Did you receive the CoC/VOG? Send the original CoC/VOG, preferably by registered mail, to:

In case of PTI

Did you receive the CoC/VOG? Send the original CoC/VOG together with a copy of the requested diploma, preferably by registered mail, to:

Structuurbaan 2
3439MB Nieuwegein

Step 9

When we've received everything, we'll send a confirmation email, after which we'll start your application.

So make sure we have your current email address. You can check/update it in Mijn IBKI

Step 10

We'll notify you in time about the final decision.